Forest friday

We always visit the horse farm on Fridays with all our home schooling friends and head into the forest to explore. So I thought I'd start sharing our Friday forest walk pictures each week. These photos are from the last couple of weeks.

Can you see Isla disappearing into the bushes?

The kids have claimed an old shed as their club house. It's amazing to watch the way they work together and make plans, so organised and industrious! They have great plans and dreams for this space! they have already spent hours clearing it of moss and leaves and spider webs.
Liam repairing the roof.

We saw two wood pigeons! I love these birds! It's very rare to get to see them. The photo isn't so good as I was zooming in on my phone.

My new shop - Craftykin's Curated Vintage Goods

So you might remember me recently talking about the fact that I would love to one day open a little shop selling a mix of vintage and handmade goods? - with a little coffee shop on the side that would sell the best coffee in town?
Or maybe you don't remember that, well anyway, I'm making that dream come just ever so slightly true. It's just online not bricks and mortar, and there's no coffee, sorry, but I am drinking a really good coffee while I type this, if that's any consolation.

I've been noticing that there are all these amazing 'curated vintage goods' style shops in the US, it's basically like someone has gone opp shopping for you and collected up all the coolest stuff from all the opp shops and put it in one place. You know like that awesome thing that you stumble across every so often in amongst all the junk. So it's like a shop of all your best opp shopping days! Yes!
So you don't have to spend time searching through all the junk! But most of these cool curated vintage shops don't post their goods overseas - so little old NZ misses out!

So I thought I'd check out if anyone was doing the same in New Zealand, but I couldn't really find anything (please do tell me if you know of any!). There are plenty of great vintage and second hand shops around but they still take a bit of sifting through to find the really cool stuff. Of course everyone's style and taste is different but to me really cool looks like bohemian/scandinavian/earthy/handmade kinda, do you know what I mean?

So hey, I've decided to make one of these shops myself (I do have a slight problem in that I keep deciding to keep the stuff, must work on that).

I've pondered lots on this idea over the last few weeks, and tried to figure out how I could best make it work. My mum has currently taken over my Felt shop with her beautiful handmade things, and anyway, I don't think you can sell vintage stuff on there. My Etsy shop is sitting vacant at the moment so I considered selling it there, but then I open it up to overseas buyers and the postage just gets too expensive to send from way down here in New Zealand. So I've decided to use good old Trade Me for now, and maybe I will open up my own independent online shop at a later date.

These photos are just a few of the things that I have listed at the moment. You can find my Trade Me page here and I will be updating it often, so you can save me as a seller if you're interested in being notified when I add new stuff.

I've tried to make the prices reasonable, I don't want it to turn into an expensive antiques store! But I also need to make all my hunting (and shop keeping shenanigans) worthwhile. I've set prices that I would be happy to pay myself (and I'm pretty tight when it comes to spending money haha!) So I hope you agree.

I also have a link to my Trade Me page up at the top of my blog - if you're viewing this on a PC its the VINTAGE SHOP heading at the top. If you're viewing this on your mobile its in the drop down Menu.

So there you have it, I'm quite excited about my little venture, and perhaps, maybe, one day, it will turn into a real life shop, with good coffee.


My birthday in photos

Today marks the start of my final year of being in my 30s. I've really enjoyed my 30s, especially my late 30s, life is good. Happy birthday me :)
I thought for fun I would take some photos throughout the day...

Got to hang out here for extra long this morning. Got to have good videos chats with my mum and my dad - great start to the day.

Aaron and the kids combined efforts to make me the most delicious omelette for my breakfast! Which I got to eat in bed!

Liam gave me a massive paua shell, it's HUGE, it's larger than my hand, and I love it.
Isla gave me this scarf - she chose so well, she knows I love green - and scarves! (I don't know why this photo is so terrible and grainy).

We took the morning off home schooling and went opp shopping instead. YAY. Because that's just what you have to do on your birthday! It's kind of become a tradition of mine to go opp shopping on my birthday. See that basket there, it's quite tall, and it's filled to the brim, I got some very gooooood stuff!

And then we had gymnastics class, followed by a trip to the library to stock up on more books for the kids. And this book which I had ordered was waiting for me! Perfect timing!

So I managed to sneak in time for a cup of coffee and a sit down to peruse - it's so good, its on my book buying wishlist now.
And my beautiful watch is my birthday present from Aaron! (Which I've been wearing for a week already hehe).

Moe doesn't understand why he cant sit on your lap while you are trying to read.

Then finished the day with Isla's ballet class. She doesn't normally let me watch these days but I was allowed, only because it was my birthday! She is the little one at the front.

And now I'm eating Japanese food - my favourite. And as soon as I push publish on this I'm off to sit on the couch and put my feet up.
Oh and I had the coolest thing ever happen - my sister Frith is teaching at primary school and so she called me and put me on speaker phone and the whole class sang me happy birthday!!! It was awesome! Made my day!
Lovely day.
Feeling blessed.